Monday, 17 January 2011

Some Skaven Pics

Well my ratty horde has been started! My models are all up my girlfriends house at the moment but she has been kind enough to take a few pics on her phone and send them to me so I can start off this blog. Nat (the gf) has a High Elf army on the go so I do all of my painting when I'm up hers, if I brought my Skaven home then I'd probably never get any drawing done.

So yeah, I got the Island of Blood box along with a Doomwheel and some more rat ogres. Had some spare giant rats and a rat ogre left over from when I started Skaven like, 4 years ago or summin. Will be getting the battalion when I get paid next...even thought these Clanrats are taking foreeever to paint. Managed to make 20 giant rats out of my older rats and the extras on the doomwheel and rat ogres sprues which was coool.

But yeah, here are the progress pics of my Clanrats. Will be taking pics on my camera soon so will upload the higher res ones at some point...

So yeah, here's the start of my army, any tips or criticisms would be appreciated! Higher res pics on the way!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Those are some great looking Skaven! Bases are simple but look really good with the grass, and I love the overall "dirty" look to the unit. Great job!
    Best regards,


  2. cheers for the post! yeah i prefer to have some dirty rats that reflect their dirty backstabbing personalities xD seeing as they live in their little mucky tunnels most of the time thought their clothes would be a bit of a mess. only another 3029472907957 clan rats and slaves to go xD