Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Mortal Kombat Review

For today's update I thought I would give a review ago. Seeing as I am getting into the world of illustrating for things I guess I should take more of a 'real' interest in games rather than just sitting at home button mashing. So yeah, a few days a go I picked up a copy of MK9 and decided to give it a go before I read any reviews. So here we go.

My initial worries were that this was going to be a newer version of MK vs. DC which was an absolute shambles. With many games now catering for noobs (MW2 death streaks...ahem) it is hard to bring yourself to play on XboxLive when any person with a grip can pick up the controller and spam out special moves over and over again. MK vs. DC was a prime example of this. I could go Batman or Scorpion and spam the hell out of my opponent until he rage quit back to whatever real game he was playing before he bought that mess. Anyways...the point is it isn't much fun for either player and I am glad to see that the new MK has reduced the special spam for most of thecharacters. Special Attacks still play a large part in most fights and will probably be used a lot more than the standard attacks or kombos but most can be blocked or avoided pretty easy which allows you to pwn the spammer in the corner. However, lengthy kombos are quite difficult to pull off as the characters move a lot slower than fighting games such as Marvel vs. Capcom or Street Fighter IV. It is still possible to pull of decent size kombos but unlike Marve; vs. Capcom 3 it is more difficult to juggle your opponent for long periods of time which I believe makes MK9 a bit more fun to play.
One thing I dislike about MvC3 is that once you get caught in a combo it's difficult to break out and by the time it has ended most of your health bar is on the floor. In MK9 you actually stand a fighting chance after coming out of most kombos which I think balances the game quite well.

I was telling my brother how over powered a lot of the characters are in MK9 and after I listed nearly all the roster I realised that the game is actually quite balanced. There are some cheese characters which consist of most of the teleporters. Smoke, Scorpion, Noob and even Sheeva's jump attack can get pretty annoying if spammed but luckily you can pop up a block and counter their specials without much effort. The game does really focus a lot around blocks and how to break past them and requires quick reflexes to block then counter both high and low attacks. After playing for a bit online I found that Reptile players spam a lot of projectiles, same as Sektor, but for the most part players are guna have to get down and dirty due to the amount of teleporters and screen dashers on the roster list. Cyrax is pretty badass although quite underpowered compared to Sektor and Scorpion has retained his standard moves set that make him again one of the most formidable fighters in the game. My main characters at the moment seem to be Cyrax, Noob or Smoke. The last two are pretty easy to play. Noob is crazy good at just spamming a load of inky crap and smoke just dashes around the place while teleporting his opponent with his specials. Not all characters have the same amount of specials which is kind of a shame but they all have an X-Ray attack and the same number of Fatalities (except the DLC costumes chars, they have one extra).

The X-Ray attacks are a cool idea, basically once you fill up your special meter you go mental and start breaking bones. And unlike the special olympics...they aren't your own. Lulz. Anyways, most X-Ray attacks can be blocked or avoided but perhaps more importantly....they don't make sense! X-rays are sorta like mini-fatalities where eyes are fingered, brains are poked and people are sick over each other. They are actually sick...really....check here. They look badass but there is no way you can survive without  brain, legs or er sick throughout another 2 rounds...but then again there is no way a reptile ninja that spits acid could exist so I guess I forgive them for that one. But yeah, fatalities have gone back to their gory days! The creators have developed some awesome ways to rip your opponent to shreds in a load of different ways which is pretty cool. For those guys out there with a girlfriend who is on the verge of pressing back forward back forward X on your ass then why not whip out a babality? Yeaaah those crazy finishers are back! They allow you to transform your opponent into a baby instead of decimating him. Funny to watch although you cannot perform a fatality on the baby ='[

Anywhoooo...story mode is a good way for new people to get into the MK universe as it goes through the first three games and gives a bit of history on each of the characters. It took me around 3 hours to complete on medium buut that's only cuz I had a massive session on it the day it came out so I would say it has around 5-6 hours of gameplay in it. After the story mode there are loads of things left to play such as Challenge Tower or Test your skill/luck/might/sight which all consist of a variety of mini games and unlockables. There are the standard ladder matches which can be used to unlock alt costumes as well as endings for each character. There is also the Krypt which is where you spend your Koins! Open graves, blow up bodies or torture people and you get cool stuff! You earn Koins everywhere in all game modes so they are easy enough to collect. Last but not least is MK Online which as you probably all know is finding real people over the net and trying to rip them apart. Standard stuff. need something called a Kombat Pass in order to play over XboxLive. Each game comes with one pass or they cost 800MS points on the Market Place. You must redeem this code on your console and that allows you to play MK online. However, the code can only be used once and only applies to the gamertag it was redeemed with. Which sucks. Big time. This means you can't play MK online over a friends house or watever unless you pay for another code...when we are already paying for XboxLive. Really stupid idea. Whoever thought of that should spend a sexual evening with a Goru and Sheeva tag team...Meh...I'm only pissed cuz I registered it to my girlfriend's Xbox before I actually read the details....lulz. concluuude: MK9 is pretty good looking 2D fighter with plenty of gameplay and characters. It has loooads of stuff to unlock including classic secret fights from the first three games as well as a couple of Easter eggs thrown in there. On top of all that, it is rumored that there are over 9000 items to dig up in the Krypt! The gameplay itself is fluid and quite balanced. The specials are not too overpowered or extremely spamable. Although their inputs are quite easy...evading and blocking is also just as easy. So if you are getting projectile camped learn to block and jump. Simple. The game offers a lot for older fans as well as new players but the whole Kombat Kode idea is a load of piss.

So yeah that is my review. Leave a comment below if you want. Hope you enjoyed it. May do more in the future that will hopefully include a bit more funny stuff and actual information. But yeah good game. I give it....


Thanks for reading! Toasty!

Saturday, 23 April 2011

New Illustrations for 'The Olympian'

Peter Neale, author of 'The Olympian', contacted me several months ago to illustrate the cover for his time-traveling children's novel. Since then he has become a regular client and has asked me to illustrate various promotional material for the book. The most recent commission has been to draw scenes that include a 'Turtle Attack' and time-traveling taxi. I have really enjoyed visualising Peter's fantastic and wonderful ideas and characters.

Turtle Attack

'The Olympian' is available on amazon in both digital and paperback. Also check out his website,, for more information, illustrations and ordering options!

Thanks for looking.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

New Business Card Design

After spending a couple of hours learning some new stuff and playing about on Photoshop I finally put together my first business card which will also double up as a nice logo/heading for this page. I will be doing a pink version for all the girls out there at some point and both designs will be available on t-shirts, mugs, pens and canvas bags...very limited edition stuff of course. Send me an email and let me know what you think =]

Monday, 18 April 2011

Cell and Update

Here is the 2nd weeks vote winner, Perfect Cell. Hope you like my version of the DBZ character! Will be going on sale for £55 if anyone wants to buy the original. Work is kinda crazy at the moment. Got two deadlines fast approaching plus working on a few commissions for people so the next character vote won't be up until I have caught up with the last two votes. Please feel free to send me more character suggestions for the next vote which hopefully will be up next week! Thanks.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Grey Knight pics

Just thought I would chuck up some pics of the Grey Knight that I have done. Taken with my phone so excuse the quality. Will update with higher quality pics when more are finished. Tips and Crits welcome. Just post below!

Front View - Psilencer

Back View - Personal Teleporter

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Grey Knights and Other Stuff

Recently bought a couple of boxes of the new Grey Knights models and have so far gotten one and a half models done xD Will be updating the blog with a couple of pics of them when I get some more finished. Cell illustration is done but I'm up my girlfriends house atm with no scanner so will get the pics up as soon as I can. Vote still up and Gary Oak is in the works!

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

New Stuff

Okay so I have had a bit of a nerdy day making this website a little better. I have no idea what I'm it's been kinda difficult buuut it will do. We have the Twitter and Facebook links on the right, a new Gallery at the top along with a contact page. Will be putting up a specific fan art gallery at some point, which will feature all the winners from the weekly votes. I have a new fan page on Facebook check it out here and click the like button. A new vote will be up over the next few days, I am still accepting any character suggestions and will have the new Perfect Cell drawing up on Thursday! Thanks guys!

Monday, 4 April 2011

Website Adjustments

I will be adjusting some things on the site over the next few days, weeks etc. Some pages may be empty and some links may not work but I assure you all will be working soon!