Tuesday, 19 February 2013

151 Days. 151 Pokemon

It's been awhile since posting on here and a lot has been going on. Recently I have been doing a bit of freelance work for The MindCrafters and for CCGcastle on top of some logo and design work for Virgin Media.

Most of the work I have been doing has been working with type which has meant my pencils have seen limited use. To fix this, I have decided to set myself a challenge. To sketch 151 of the original pokemon in roughly 151 days. I say roughly because there may be some days that I will be unable to do so, so i will make up for those days by sketching 2 the following etc. But I aim to have a new sketch posted everyday.

I have limited my time to around an hour a sketch. I want to stop being a prissy bitch and spending hours on one design. I need to speed up my process and improve my drawing, so I thought the best way is to draw something I love as much as I can, keep it quick, keep it loose and don't get bogged down with the details.

I may not like every sketch I do and I may spend a little more time colouring up my favorites in PS, but I just plan to enjoy it and stick to it! I will try and stop myself from rubbing out, starting again, repositioning, changing the style etc. and hopefully after 151 days will be able to see an improvement in my quick sketching from day 1. So here is Bulbasaur No.00.

My process will be a quick sketch with no-copy blue pencil and an outline in a normal, mechanical pencil.

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